Online Slots with Unique Features That Will Keep You Engaged

The best online slots on the market stand out from the rest (especially from the ones from land-based casinos) by having tons of extra features. They will not replace the originals, but they are sure to bring a whole new experience. Aside from free spins, you can enjoy mini-games installed in the slot and get unexpected bonuses. Let’s see which features are said to be the most popular nowadays.

2 symbols that will change your attitude to slot machines

Nowadays probably every online slot has a Scatter and a Wild symbol. They are the most desired symbols since they create combinations that multiply your win, give your free spins, additional bonuses, access to mini-games, etc. For example, in multi gaminator slots, when you land 3 scatter symbols on the field, you will get 10 free spins. The rules may differ from slot to slot, so find it out beforehand.

The wild symbol, on the other hand, has a different role to play. Its appearance can substitute any other symbols to help you get the winning combo or even several combos simultaneously. This will multiply your win by 5, 10 times or even more. The luckiest player is the one who lands all wild symbols on the gambling field.

Enjoy the mini-game and double the money you have

Online slots have something extra to offer. As a rule, it’s a doubling game when you need to guess the color of the upcoming card from the deck. If you guess, you double the money you’ve got. If not, you lose everything. Depending on the theme, the task can be different but the general idea often coincides.